Cooking courses


Cooking courses

The first part of the course of about an hour, with the theme “We discover the food” provides information on food properties even the most ‘simple and common, their nutritional values, their benefits, as well as the importance of knowing how to combine and build a meal with therapeutic aim through knowledge of the food, their association and cooking methods.

The second part, about two hours, practical and creative with the theme “We have hands-on” is dedicated to the preparation of the dishes of the ‘menu of the day with the direct participation of the participants.

At the end there will be a collective tasting of dishes prepared with open discussion and debate among the participants and the expert nutritionist.

Objective of the course

  • acquire the principles for the preparation of healthy and quick meals for those who have little time for those who must bring food to work or school;
  • propose new ideas for healthy eating;
  • learn to cook whole grains in a healthy and appetizing, to prepare dishes based on legumes, seasonal vegetables;
  • bake delicious cakes on the palate and light for our body;
  • to get knowledge on how to compose well balance and healthy meals by measuring each ingredient in the right proportion and what are the foods that can cause problems to our body, how to replace or limit them and why …

The course will be taught by an expert nutritionist, together with the staff of the Piana degli Ulivi.

Each course is limited to a maximum number of 15 participants

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