La Piana degli Ulivi

The Piana degli Ulivi  is a country house, run by the owners Mario and Lea, located a few kilometers from the sea and from the historical centre  of Rossano, one of the main Jonic localities, very interesting from a naturalistic and historical-cultural point of view.

The residence is located over about two hectares of land in the trasnquillity of the Rossano hillsides cultivated with olive groves. The cuisine is based on natural and seasonal foods, reminiscent of the old flavors of the countryside and strictly linked to the local recipes. The  rooms are equipped  with modern confort, air conditioning, mosquito nets, bathroom with shower, each with equipped and shady balcony.

In the residence you can enjoy swinging in the hammocks, in the outdoor seating areas, in the pool, taking advantage of the small “wellness’s house” . Also enjoy the herbal tea room and fitness area, cookery courses, assist and participate in the preparation and tasting of local dishes of homemade pasta, sweets typical Rossanesi as the “Scoratelli” .

You can, also, spend pleasant evenings dining under the old olive trees and accompanied by sweet and warm country atmosphere. Children also have the football, the volleyball pitch, the well-equipped playground, table tennis.

The surronding territory

The Piana degli Ulivi is located in the center of the main interesting jonic towns, from a point of view naturalistic and historical and cultural.

A few kilometers you can found the Rossano Old Town, where you can visit the most important greek code existing in the the world, the “Codex purpureus  Rossanensis” priceless Gospels of Matthew and Mark, illustrated with fifteen splendid miniatures, written in gold and silver; the Museum of Licorice “Giorgio Amarelli” and the annexed licorice factory since 1731; the numerous mansions and churches including the impressive “Cathedral of SS. Acheropita “where is preserved the venerated icon of the Madonna Achiropita.

In the mountains of Rossano (about 6 km) you can visit the “ Abbey of Patire, the WWF Oasis of the centuries old Chestnut wood at Cozzo del Pesco, the waterfalls in the Valley of Colagnati and the church of S. Onofrio; Easy to reach the Sila with its wonders Camigliatello town.

Almost bordering the city of Corigliano, on the right of the coriglianeto Creek valley in the Plain of Sybaris, located on a hill with the imposing ducal castle (sec. XII).

Not far from the residence you can found the residential complex of the litte town of Paludi, with numerous churches and the archaeological park of Castiglione, brezio settlement (IX-IV cent. BC) considered as one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Calabria.

Located on a plateau of alluvium at the foot of Mount Castle at Mt. 788 s.l.m. and only 30 Km from the here there is  Longobucco, famous for the silver mines Norman age, and brigandage. The major weaving cloth blankets, tapestries, carpets and hand-embroidered tablecloth with vertical frame with numerous varieties of colors and motifs of exceptional artistic value and craftsmanship.

Numerous other  towns to visit, in the same territory, Enotria origin, Brettia, Roman, Byzantine, medieval, like Calopezzati, Caloveto, Campana, Cariati, etc.


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